Why You Need To Know About The Elephant Sanctuary in Malaysia

Your visit to Malaysia isn’t complete without having a feel of the Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies. Malaysia indeed has a lot to offer in good food and attractions, one of which is a visit to Kuala Gandah. It’s a place everyone must visit atleast once in their life. The Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies combo is enough reason why anyone should plan a visit to Malaysia. Yes, there are other animal sanctuaries in the world, no other place has the beauty possessed by the Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies in Malaysia. We want to give you enough reasons to convince you and plan a visit that includes the Elephant Sanctuary. We’ll give you enough clues to help make your visit an awesome one;

  1. When Is The Best Time To Visit?

If you truly have a thing for elephant and fireflies, you are not making a mistake by visiting the Elephant Sanctuary. You’ll enjoy every of your stay at the park, you won’t even know you have spent hours.

The Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies allow you to witness firsthand how these animals live in their natural environment. You can plan a visit with your entire family to the elephant sanctuary, little children always fall in love with the animals.

There’s no best time, every time of the year is excellent at the Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies. It’s an excellent learning opportunity for the entire family, one that keeps the who family involved and together.

  1. What Are The Activities You’ll Enjoy?

There’s a lot actually depending on how long you intend to spend at the elephant sanctuary and fireflies. Of course, the most enjoyable of the activities is watching the elephants interacting and playing with one another.

You may be lucky to have a chance to feed the elephants or even ride them. This is not guaranteed but if you have the opportunity, jump at it and take beautiful pictures. This is something that isn’t permitted at public zoos but it happens at the elephant sanctuary.

The waters are there for you to play with as well. As a family, you can swim in this natural habitat and play other water games.

  1. What’s The Weather Like?

Expect the weather to be warm, it’s a tropical climate out there. But of course, you’ll enjoy the feel of the weather on your skin. All you need to do is wear light clothes, if you can endure the heat, it’s going to be an awesome experience for you.

The elephant sanctuary and fireflies environment is bearable for anyone. If you love being tanned, maybe you’ll leave with a tanned skin. It’s a beautiful experience all the same, one that cannot be gotten anywhere else.


It’s the largest animal on land and hey have a lot of history they share with man. The elephant sanctuary and fireflies affords you a chance to know the history, hold and also play with the animals, an experience that cannot be gotten elsewhere.

Convinced of the awesomeness of the Elephant Sanctuary and Fireflies Combo, plan a combo tour.