5 Things That Make KL City Tour with Batu Caves, One of Malaysia’s Top Attractions

Taking a tour of the Kuala Lumpur City is fun. However, it’s not strange that tourists find the Batu Caves really exciting. It’s because of all the goodies and fun that come with visiting just one place. You save some money, and definitely a lot of energy visiting this Cave which is only about 15 kilometres outside Kuala Lumpur.

KL City tour with Batu caves is real fun and at the top because of these five things it holds:

  1. The Temple Cave a.k.a. Cathedral Cave

With 272 steps, you’d get to this cave which allows you to pay homages to your favorite deities. Just at the entrance, there’s a 42 metres high statue of Lord Muragan. You don’t have to pay to enter but you sure would want to drop some cash in their collection boxes when you see how beautiful it is, especially with the very high vaulted ceiling at its top. Just beware of the macaques that are well known to harass visitors: don’t feed them!


  1. The Dark Cave

When you get halfway up the stairs, Batu Caves opens you to the Dark Cave. A guide shows you to areas of scientific interest, and you’d find the much talked about Liphistius batuensis, a super rare trapdoor spider. In fact, it’s a community of ancient animals like bats and cockroaches. Don’t worry, the helmets and headlamps provided gets you escaping seas of roaches. Explore the narrow pot holes of the Dark Cave and get wet while squeezing through.

  1. The Cave Villa

Right at the foot of the hill lies the Cave Villa, one of the things that makes KL City Tour with Batu Caves super exciting. For over four million years, this cave has proven to excite visitors that can’t get over the brightly lit area and colourful statues. Images of Indian poets and mythical characters parade Cave Villa. The natural sounds of racoons and rabbits in cages, as well as reptiles in glass frames catch your attention.


  1. The Ramayana Cave

The Remayana Cave is a well embellished cave that has amazing statues, as well as a host of scenes and images that depict the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Hanuman the monkey god is well crafted and placed at the cave, for your viewing. One amazing thing about this cave is that each time you visit, you find more fascinating items that are pleasing to your senses. You really can’t get enough of Ramayana.


  1. The Holy Cow

Surprising, isn’t it? Well, just by the courtyard outside of the caves lies a five- legged bull. Yes, just at its back, is the growth of another leg! The statue was made to show to the world, a picture of the bull which had five legs and wouldn’t stop roaming the grounds before it finally died at its ripe age. It’s become an object of admiration now, and everyone wants to have a look of the phenomenal creature.

Without stress, you can find out what really makes KL City tour with Batu Caves a wonderful story. Start here by looking into the tour packages available for a KL City Tour With Batu Caves.