Experiencing 5 of Sunway Lagoon Spine Chilling Rides

Do you want to experience everything Malaysia has to offer? Then a visit to Sunway Lagoon must be on your itinerary. Sunway Lagoon is tripartite of fun with its water park, dry amusement park, and the wildlife park. Bring your guts when you are visiting Sunway Lagoon as it has some of the world’s spine chilling and nerve cracking rides. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, Sunway Lagoon has something you’ll keep remembering after a long time. Yes, it’s indeed spine chilling, giving you the best fun you’ve never experienced. There are a good number of rides at the Sunway Lagoon, but we found five awesome. Awesome in this context means scary, breathtaking and spine chilling.

  1. G-Force X

Be ready to defy gravity in a matter of seconds in what is Asia’s fastest slingshot ride. Let’s hope you can handle being catapulted with a speed of 0 to 120kmph within seconds. It will happen so fast you won’t be able to shout, you will shout anyways as you find yourself in the Malaysia skies.

It’s all at the speed of a formula one race car; an adrenaline rush will stream through you in 2 seconds. You’ll be propelled as high as 65 meters into the sky, not high enough? There’s still more to experience if you can handle the G-Force X.

  1. Pirate Revenge

Just pretend as if you are a pirate for the next couple of minutes. You are about to have your revenge of all these centuries of pain. The Pirate Revenge is noticeable from everyone in the Sunway Lagoon. It’s a large ship in the shape of a Galleon, spinning around as if it’s out of control. Be at peace; you’ll survive it, not without a feel of danger though.

The Pirate Revenge is Malaysia’s first 360 degrees rotating pirate ship. Anyone and everyone will survive the Pirate Revenge Ship. However, never near it if you’re faint-hearted.

  1. The Flying Fox

We are now nearing the extreme with the Flying Fox. If you have a fear of heights or aqua phobic, you’ll not be able to handle the Flying Fox at the Sunway Lagoon. If you can handle it, you’re in for a treat then.

A 206 meters Flying Fox; Malaysia’s longest and arguably the scariest. You’ll see yourself going through a raging volcano, and over the Surf Beach. It’s going to be a wet landing for you, brace up!

  1. The Bungy Jump

It’s time to bring your faith to the fore as you jump from 21 meters, not that high but scary if this is your first. It’s Malaysia’s first bungy jump, preparing fun seekers for other terrifying rides.

The Bungy Jump will give you a feel of what it means to be free as a bird. Spread your arms wide like a bird and fly away.

  1. Monsoon 360

The last on our list but one of the scariest. At one time, you’ll see yourself on a secure floor, the next seconds, you are tunneling through a dark path with water. Of course, gasping for air in between.

Usually, you’ll end up begging for more of the Monsoon 360. As scary as it is, it’s an excellent experience you’ll want again.

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