7 Fun Things to Do in Cameron Highland During Your First Trip

Considering taking some time off work? Perhaps you’re to attend a conference at Malaysia and so seek to make your visit fun, that’s smart. You don’t want to spend days within the 71,000 hectare Cameron Highlands yet not know the places to go, or enjoyable things you can do.

Cameron Highlands has a host of fun you can tap into, and here are just a few:

  1. Get to the Boh Tea Plantations

Heard about the delectable Malaysian tea or had a taste of it during your visit, why not visit the source where you’ll see how tea is actually grown and harvested? Treat yourself to famous brands of tea, as well as beautiful scenes of green terraces when you visit the Boh Tea Plantations.

  1. Climb the Mount Brinchang

With one or more acquaintances, make a drive through the mountain. That way, you save up some energy so that you’re able to view enough forest lands and tea plantations. And if you’re up for it, then savour fresh air by walking down. You’ll definitely find some peace and relaxation.

  1. Visit Their Animal Farms

At Cameron Highlands, you get to experience nature at its best at places like the Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm, and the Butterfly Farm. Feed your eyes and mind with colourful bees, and go home with honey related mementos at the Feng Gu Honey Farm gift shop. That’s after playing in their indoor maze, of course. Excited about metamorphosis? get excited watching the life cycles of species of butterflies.

  1. Feel the Aura of Temples

Traveling to Cameron Highlands doesn’t take you away from religion. For instance, the Sam Poh Temple located on the hillside is a Chinese temple that gets you in the mood with their statue of Buddha, the fourth largest in Malaysia; and their artworks take you down the memory lane. The Sri Thandayuthapani Temple is another place that reveals a lot of Hindu epics.

  1. Shop at Cameron Highlands Markets

Whether you’re a night or morning shopper, the region has you covered. Enjoy the cool breeze of morning as you buy craft pieces at Pasar Pagi, as well as fix for yourself, a delightful breakfast. When the sun begins to go down, walk into their night market to buy more souvenirs, clothing, and pick up some local products and handicrafts to share when you return from your trip.

  1. Stop by one or more Strawberry Farm

Swim in strawberries by visiting Raaju’s Hill Strawberry Farm where you’re allowed to pick as much as half a kilogram of strawberries with your adorable kids. And if you want to savour in more than strawberries, get to the Red Straw Farm that grows other organic salads.

  1. Experience the beauty of Flora & Fauna

Through sweeping valleys and hills, enjoy waterfalls and forestry. Consider your level of strength and boldness in choosing the depths of the forest you want to reach. Also, enjoy the mist of the mountains as you glide through Cameron Highlands.

Enough of snippets of what Cameron Highlands offers, get yourself ready to be wowed. Pack your bags and start by exploring the tour package.