Modern Putrajaya Tour From KL

Putrajaya is a place where modern technology meets tradition. You will find the first Intelligent Garden City in Putrajaya as well as official government buildings. This city brings together the past, present and future. It is planned around an axis that goes from the Northeast to the Southeast.

Putrajaya city view

Putrajaya boulevardThe place is built on an undulating terrain and is an ideal location for vegetation. You will come across botanical gardens, wetlands and large bodies of water throughout the area. The Putrajaya Lake is the main body of water and includes five confluences that meet towards the North of the city.

Putrajaya is built over 4,581 hectares and its mix of traditional and futuristic architecture give the city its unique charm. A lot of people have compared it to a resort due to the unusual architecture. The atmosphere is very peaceful and touring the place is an experience you will never forget.


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